Yoga for Survivors®

Private Sessions

If you live in, or are visiting, the Boulder, Colorado area and want to schedule a private yoga session I’d love to meet you and share the healing benefits of yoga with you.
Individualized attention can greatly facilitate the healing process, especially in recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments. I also offer home and hospital visits that are extremely gentle and safe for clients who aren’t mobile.
Typically I offer private yoga sessions in a series of three:
    1. 90 minute intake session in which I learn all about you and your health history. Yoga, movement, breathwork, and relaxation will be part of this session.


    1. 60 minute session. After our first session together I will design a home yoga practice just for you and your needs and goals. During this second session I will teach you your new yoga routine, give you thorough written instructions, and take photos of what you are learning.


    1. 60 minute session. After our second session together you will practice your Yoga for Survivors® sequence at home on your own for 1-2 weeks. At this point we get together again to make sure you are practicing safely, address any questions or concerns, and make any needed adjustments to your practice.


For most people, these three sessions are sufficient to give you a solid home practice; if not, we schedule additional sessions as needed. You can schedule your private sessions here.

“It is easy to be your student. You are loving, kind, and generous of spirit. I love the personal attention of yoga therapy. Thank you for allowing me to share whatever joy and pain arise from coming back to health. Thank you for holding the space for me, guiding me, allowing me to be whatever I can be in the moment.”

— Aevea, Yoga Client

Skype Private Sessions

Same as above, but via Skype. Skype privates usually work best for:

1. People who already have some yoga experience, OR 2. People interested primarily in the relaxation benefits of yoga

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