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Online marketing is one of THE best ways to increase your exposure and serve more people. Whether you are trying to fill your classes or promote an online course, online marketing needs be part of your plan. And especially if you want to expand your impact and revenue potential, building a loyal following of online customers is a must.

However anything with the word “online” in it has the potential to make some of us glaze over or get fearful, I get it! The antidote for that is to jump in and get empowered. Start now! The longer you let online marketing and social media seem like an overwhelming endeavor, the longer you are delaying reaching OODLES of potential customers, people who desperately need your services.

And remember, if you truly loathe online marketing there is absolutely no need to become an expert – however everyone needs to know enough to make informed choices and outsource tasks intelligently, if needed.

In this module we include an overview of online marketing in general, and social media in particular, as well as introduce you to the business side of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube, so you can decide which platform(s) make the most sense for YOU and your business model. The guest expert in many of these videos is the wonderful Kathleen Cutler, digital marketing strategist extraordinaire. So I invite you to kick any social media fear to the curb, and dive in!

This Module Includes:

Six video lessons
Six action sheets
Bonus resource: tips for shooting DIY video
Bonus resource: best podcasts
Bonus resource: using LinkedIn to fill your events


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