Rave Reviews

I am grateful and blessed to work with some of the most incredibly motivated and bright people on the planet. It’s an honor to call these superstars my clients.

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

I am grateful and blessed to work with some of the most incredibly motivated and bright clients on the planet. It would be an honor to have you join our tribe.

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“Laura, I wanted to let you know how things were going. Today is the first day of my 1st annual Teachers Immersion, and we have 12 people enrolled – with a waitlist! I was hoping for 8 people, 10 would have been awesome, and 12 was our fantasy number. Most are flying in from out of state to here in Grand Junction, of all places! I’m so grateful for all that you’ve helped me with this year. Thanks, Laura!”

– Jamie Elmer, E-RYT 500

“I just launched my course and have over 30 participants signed up!!! I cannot thank you enough, Laura, for all the guidance and coaching that you have provided during our time together. You’re a phenomenal business coach with intuition and capability to meet people where they are and take them on a hike to a new mountain they didn’t even consider to climb. Your coaching has given me clarity and understanding of what I am capable of. You have resources to offer that would take me months to find on my own. You’re amazing, Laura and I feel so honored to be associated with you. Thank you!” 

– Olga Campora, Yoga Teacher

“Laura, I wanted to give you an update with my business…I continue to hold between 13-16 private sessions per week which has been fantastic!!! I’m still teaching studio classes as well, but very soon those studio classes will be held in MY OWN STUDIO!!!! I found the perfect space and am going to implement the plan you helped me create and I couldn’t be more excited!! I feel like I am in a good place and everything is going really well. Thanks again for your support! I’m not sure I would have been able to make this next step had it not been for your advice and guidance.”

— Nicole Byrne, Studio Owner/NB Yoga & Wellness

“I was completely floundering and disjointed in my business when I reached out to Laura, and had no idea how small I’ve been thinking for the last 4 years. She has a spooky-good gift for connecting her clients with the people, resources, and ideas that are instrumental to their growth and pivotal to their specific needs. I now have more clarity than ever. I am thrilled with the direction I am headed and feel more grounded and confident in my ability to serve. I just facilitated my first guided Ayurvedic cleanse. I originally said I’d be happy if 23 people registered and I ended up with 41! Thanks to Laura’s guidance, it was a great success. Thank you, Laura, from the deepest parts of my heart.”

— Lisa Bracken, Women’s Health Specialist

“Laura’s coaching helped propel my yoga career to the next level. She was the inspiration I needed when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and I’m often thinking of her when I’m accomplishing the dreams that she helped me make a reality. If you’re ready for the success that you deserve, Laura can most definitely help you find your way.”

— Alanna Kaivalya, Yoga Teacher and Musician

“Laura had the capacity to accept me where I was, and also hold me to my potential. She carefully noticed when I hit the hard parts, and made sure I got through them successfully. When I was struggling Laura always normalized my process and empowered me to embrace the jewel of meaning beneath my discomfort.”

— Julia Archer, founder and creative director Grace, Power and Possibility

“Thank you so so much for your help. What I love about you just as much, if not more, than your brilliant, organized, practical business mind is how you always “get” everything instantly without me having to give long explanations. You are just so very smart. That makes me happy, so thank you.”

— Zoe Rose Wolf, Yoga Therapist

“I want to THANK YOU Laura – because of your vibe, constant encouragement, clear guidance, faith in me, and vast knowledge of our Yoga world, I am on track to continue to flourish in my yoga career. You are a true coach! Looking forward to our journey in years to come. Om Shanti.”

— Ivette Cruz-Lance, Yoga Teacher

“In the midst of a mid-life career shift with too many ideas, projects and skill sets in orbit, I landed on one critical decision — become one of Laura’s clients. I feel honored to be in partnership with someone who offers highly intuitive, smart insights and solutions based on today’s reality and tomorrow’s possibility. Laura’s supportive, articulate guidance makes momentum towards my goals seem more achievable than ever. I believe this amazing woman has the expertise and tools to make anyone’s dreams come true.”

— Melissa Page, Owner, Mbody

“Working with Laura has been incredibly helpful and rewarding! As a teacher with a deep understanding and appreciation for the yoga community, I feel like she fully understands and can relate to the unique challenges,as well as the incredible excitement and possibility, of both my business and my teaching, and can then help me move forward in ways that feel very manageable (and often fun/playful!). She is great at helping me prioritize my focus, and suggesting tools and resources to start taking immediate action. Since working with Laura I have solidified agreements to ensure the structure of my Yoga Studio and a continued excellent relationship with my business partner, as well as substantially increased our business while making it even more mission-driven. Perhaps most importantly for me, she is fun, funny, incredibly easy to talk to, and I feel certain that she is genuinely committed to my success, both professionally and personally.”

— Erica Barth, Owner, Harlem Yoga Studio

“Laura’s expertise and knowledge greatly helped me gain needed clarity on my business goals. I really appreciated her practical solutions for the challenges associated with small business ownership and ample resources for targeted marketing, sales, and organization. Above all she provided me with support and encouragement to move forward with confidence. Thank you, Laura!”

— Jen Marshall, Certified Nutrition Therapist

“Working with Laura has been an invaluable experience. She has helped my beliefs that were holding me back and taught me how to take concrete steps in achieving goals in every part of my life. Her coaching skills, business expertise, and warm, friendly, generous personality have made building my private practice an extremely positive learning experience.”

— Anne, Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Laura is a true professional and a joy. From start to finish, she went above and beyond expectations-including fun surprises! Her encouragement helped me realize my strengths and potential. I have had many coaches and I highly recommend business coaching with Laura.”

— Ann Swanson, M.S. in Yoga Therapy, ERYT500, LMT

“Laura’s coaching was instrumental in building my confidence as I transitioned from having a “real job” to being a yoga teacher. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great source of encouragement but also discernment. Working with Laura gave me the chance to figure out what I want, what I’m good at, and how to combine those into a job I love. Years later, I frequently reference the techniques and work I did with Laura.”

— Amy Deva Harris, Yoga Teacher

“Our coaching has been so valuable and I am in such a different space both in my personal life and my professional life. I feel a lot more grounded as a yoga teacher and as a business owner and am so grateful for the tools that you helped me develop.”

— Diana Underhill, Owner, Tadasana Mountain Yoga

“Working with Laura has improved my life and business in many ways. Meeting regularly with someone who has already helped many professionals though similar obstacles forces conversations and adaptations that working alone, I would have delayed for months or years. I feel more empowered to make the decisions and to be the change that I’ve wanted in my life and business for ages.”

— Mike Patton, Owner, Yoga Vida

“Laura has been a key friend, mentor, teacher and accountability partner throughout our relationship.I was drawn to her calm, caring and creative nature, as well as her obvious presence as a strong business leader. She has the ability to listen to her clients, hear their underlying concerns, ideas or needs, and offer targeted advice and solutions in the most amazing, inspiring and life enhancing ways! She has a gift for “getting” her clients. She certainly has “gotten” me from the very beginning and I have come to trust and value her advice greatly.

Because of Laura, I’m realizing such a higher level of personal well being. I’m also bursting with unbound creativity at the professional level. Every area in my life is thriving.

Thank you, Laura!”

— Beth McCarthy, ERYT500, Awakening Joy for Women

“Working with Laura was simultaneously an empowering and calming experience. She possesses the amazing qualities of gentle prodding and subtle yet powerful inspiration. I found my weekly conversations helpful not only in a practical way, but in a spiritual and emotional manner as well. I often walked around (and still do) telling friends about “my” coach and then quoting Laura. And I felt proud being able to do so! Her help was profound and has enabled me to land a dream job, something for which I am both grateful and honored. Thank you Laura.”

— Katherine Tick, Director of Development, U.C.S.F. National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health

“I really appreciate and value having you as a coach. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for all your insight through all I’ve gone through in the last year… you are simply KICK ASS!”

— Kim, Yoga Studio Owner

“Coaching has changed the way I think and changed the way I make decisions. It was wonderful to work with you! I would recommend you to anybody.”

— Kristy, Yoga Teacher

“Laura is an amazing coach! I felt like my career was at a dead end and that earning a decent living was nearly impossible. Laura helped me create a five year plan that inspired my personal growth and professional success. Less than three years later my income has quadrupled. Even better, Laura helped me see that my potential is endless. That understanding gives me a sense of peace in every area of life.”

— Dana, Yoga Teacher

“I love having Laura as a coach! She has an amazing combination of sharp intelligence and calming presence. She possesses a wealth of knowledge, coupled with powerful insight. Working with Laura has propelled me to take risks in my new business (supporting me from conception to launch!), and to continue to move forward with clarity and confidence. As a coach myself, I am always asking big questions and pushing myself to play full out. Laura is with me every step of the way, balancing my high energy with her steady assurance. If you are looking for that rare balance of wisdom, drive, and compassion, Laura is a great fit.”

— Sage B. Hobbs, Life and Leadership Coach

“I have recommended Laura many times because she’s been able to help me find clarity when I feel stuck or overwhelmed. Those who have been smart enough to take my advice have also been grateful for her organized approach, strong business skills, and unwavering belief in them.”

— Gina Blus, Principal, Climate Ready Solutions LLC

“When I first started working with Laura I was in the middle of a major transition. Laura helped me develop strategies for getting through the transition to a point where I feel much more settled and comfortable with my present life. I have gained an incredible amount of confidence this year, and have learned to truly appreciate my life. I am so thankful to have Laura’s insights and support. She is someone I can laugh with, cry with, and most importantly, trust.”

— Carolyn, Museum Curator

“I met Laura my senior year of college. I was getting ready to move across the country to participate in Teach For America, and I was scared, insecure, nervous, and lost. When we started meeting Laura was simply someone to vent with. She would patiently listen, giving me a new perspective and field work that allowed me to clarify my confusion. Quickly, in my case, I began to notice changes. I began to gain enormous confidence and feel secure in who I was and who I wanted to become. I have made a bold career choice, and as a high school teacher in inner city Washington D.C., I need to believe in both my students and myself. I now feel confident in my classroom and my personal life! It took a lot of hard work to reach where I am today, but none of it would have been possible without the guidance I received from Laura.”

— Malorie, Recent graduate, University of Colorado

“I began working with Laura at the start of my first job after college. At that time I was struggling with my self-confidence, having just left the academic environment for business. Continued work with Laura helped me stand strong through the early months of my job, and gave me a regular forum for discussing my fears and accomplishments. Now, six months later, I have a strong sense of who I am and how I contribute to my position. Laura has helped me through this transition, and her continual support, listening, and coaching has yielded many new insights and actions. Thank you Laura.”

— Jen, Recent graduate, Stanford University

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