Mastermind Group Coaching

Achieve more (and faster!) with a small team of business peers who are committed to mutual growth and success.

None of us is as smart as all of us. — Ken Blanchard

Mastermind Group Coaching

A small tribe of business peers who are all committed to mutual growth and success!

Laura Kupperman | Mastermind group coaching

Even before we had our first group call, the tools you provided to prepare for it were worth the price of admission. 🙂 I feel clearer and more certain about my business and where it’s going than I have in years. I’m so happy to be with this group of women and I can’t wait to see where we all are in six months!

– Beth Knudson

If you thrive on group energy, accountability, faster results, and close relationships with like-minded colleagues, this offering is for you.
Receive support, resources, and coaching from Laura, as well as peer feedback from other health and wellness professionals, in a structured SIX MONTH PROGRAM.

What it is

A chance to surround yourself with other bright women in similar fields, where all members learn from and support each other’s success.
We are all there for each other with suggestions, fresh ideas, and good old fashioned TLC. At the same time, we remind each other that we are capable of more than we may have believed possible, and inspire one other to take bold action – even when we don’t feel like it.

Participating in Laura’s Mastermind group far exceeded my expectations! I benefited from sharing my work with colleagues, something that was sorely missing, and was inspired and motivated me to reach my goals. This is a top notch program. Personal and caring. Skillful and strong. Go for it!

– Charlotte Nuessle

Laura Kupperman | Mastermind group coaching
  • Launch your new business or new offering
  • Refine your business model and start earning more money
  • Build the practical skills you need to fill the gaps in your business
  • Ride the wave of group momentum as you gain the confidence you need to start achieving your dreams
  • Increase productivity, stop procrastinating, and put your work into the world NOW
  • Aim higher and learn how to think – and work – like an entrepreneur
  • Find your groove, stop struggling, and experience the joy of being a successful health and wellness practitioner!

Being a member of Laura’s Mastermind Group was like having a coach and group of personal friends/cheerleaders beside me during the challenging process of modifying my business. I can’t tell you how many times along the way I would encounter an obstacle, a moment of doubt, a fear or a big victory, and think to myself, “I can’t wait to tell Laura and my Mastermind Group!” Each time, they were there—with advice, wise counsel, humor, support and understanding.

– Theresa Conroy

Many of us are isolated when it comes to running our business. When you decide to join a mastermind, it’s a commitment you should undertake seriously, as each person contributes an integral piece to the group dynamic.

Everyone has a unique skill set – and the potential of what you can achieve is amplified when each group member shines their light on each other. You will receive new information, creative input, “how to” tactical advice, and much much more, as you provide the same for others.

And of course, Laura will be leading the charge, keeping group members on course with love, intelligence, advice, and plenty of encouragement.

Laura Kupperman | Mastermind group coaching

Laura is immensely creative and comes up with great ideas that can send you forward in ways you never thought of doing. I have been in business some time, but Laura has made me clarify my business goals so that I really know what I want to achieve. Plus, Laura’s course embody the values that I have and want to be part of my business.

– Stephanie Cunningham

Why it works

We all show up – for ourselves and each other.

What you get in this six month program

    • A guided experience with Laura, including the wisdom, tools and structure you need to propel your business to a new level


    • A group of four committed and motivated peers, who are willing to share their expertise, feedback, and encouragement with each other


    • A dozen 90-minute live group video calls (two per month), that will be recorded and available to you via replay


    • “Spotlight” attention every call


    • Laser coaching from Laura during your spotlight on your #1 issue of concern, plus input from the group


    • Goal setting exercise to kick off the program


    • Structure and tools to keep you moving forward each and every day


    • Planning and accountability support including:
      • Accountability partners for the duration of the program
      • Six month planner for everyone in the mastermind group
      • Closed Facebook Group for support, encouragement, and getting your questions answered quickly
    • Website review, we will take turns giving/receiving feedback on our websites (don’t have a website yet? No worries! This exercise will help you understand how to create a good one)


    • Recommendations on best business tools and resources


    • Book club (optional participation) to promote deeper learning and understanding of new techniques and tools



  • SUPER BONUS: access to Impact, Income, and Growth, my most popular online training, for the duration of the program – $197 value


    • SUPER DUPER BONUS: access to Full Lotus, my online business course for the duration of the program – $697 in value


I now have a much clearer business focus, a user friendly website and a wonderful collaborative and supportive tribe to reach out to in my yoga therapy business journey. I also loved having access to Laura’s wealth of business and yoga therapy knowledge and experience; brainstorming and support opportunities with our “tribe;” and accountability partner sessions. Definitely worth getting up early for! 

– Louisa Caine

Who it’s for, and not…

    • Health, wellness, and fitness professionals who have an area of expertise and a strong commitment to launching or growing their business. If what you do doesn’t fit into this category precisely and you are still interested, let’s talk and see if it might still be a good fit.


    • People who are uplifted and inspired by the energy of a group, and are willing to hold themselves and others up within this context. There is no “hiding” in a mastermind. When things get challenging, we all stick around and support whoever needs it most. This is what empowers each person to work through their barriers and succeed.


    • Each person will set her own goals and work on her own projects; you don’t need to be at a certain stage of business in order to participate. However, you do need to know what your business is and have a general direction of where you want to go.


    • #1 requirement is your ability to commit to yourself, the others in the group, and the six-month program. If it’s not the right time for you to make this commitment, please apply in the future when your availability changes. It will be expected that growing your business and participating in the mastermind group will be a top priority for you.


    • If you need more individualized attention at this stage in your business I would not recommend the mastermind. Instead, check out my 1-on-1 coaching and consider participating in a future mastermind.


    • Kind, generous, open-minded women who like to have fun and see others succeed are especially encouraged to apply!


Laura has been a role model, mentor and “go to” for a wealth of expertise and information. Thanks to her and the Mastermind group, I stay more focused, feel more confident and can openly ask for help and advice on anything! My group is awesome, and I look forward to our meetings, and take away nuggets of ideas and info every meeting!

– Jean Martin

A new Mastermind group is starting soon.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and start new groups every 2-3 months.

APPLY NOW, and you will be contacted for an interview when a group is forming

for which you would be a good fit.

One time payment of $1997
Payment plans available


How much time will I need to spend each week on my “mastermind homework?”
There really isn’t any individual homework, per se, beyond what you should already be doing in your business. You will meet with an accountability partner weekly, but this is a lifelong habit that is important for all entrepreneurs! Similarly, you will be expected to dedicate time to strategizing and planning, and taking other actions that are crucial for business success. If you aren’t already doing these things at first they may feel like “extra tasks,” but you will soon realize that they were actually missing pieces in your work life that will set the foundation for more efficient growth. Even the optional book club is something that I see as part of every entrepreneur’s journey: dedicated time to learn from experts and stay current with new methods and ideas.

**That being said, you will be expected to give feedback, support, and encouragement to others in the group, and this will be additional to the time you’re spending on your own business. HOWEVER, think of how much better your own work product will be when you have the input of other bright minds – how much more confident you can be in your decisions when you can reality check them with your trusted colleagues. The time you give to others will come back to you tenfold as you find greater quality and efficiency in all that you do. You will get smarter, faster ☺

Still looking for a hard number? You should expect to spend roughly an hour each week connecting with your accountability partner(s), and roughly another hour spread out through the week (10-15 minutes/day), offering support as needed to others in the group, on average. This is in addition to your regular business activities.

What if I’m unable to make one of the group calls?
No problem. All calls will be recorded, so you can listen at your convenience. You can email your “check in” to the group ahead of time so that you can still be acknowledged in the call. If need be, you can always hop on the phone with Laura to make sure you don’t feel left behind.
What if I have a conflict with the call time and can’t participate in any calls, but I still really want to join the mastermind?
Participation in the group calls is one of the most crucial components of the mastermind. It’s our hub for live connection, support, and getting to know each other. For that reason, if you have a conflict with the call time that you are unable to rearrange, you should not apply to the current mastermind, and instead should apply for a future group with a different call time.
Do I need to commit to the full six months? What if I want to quit part way through?
Don’t be a quitter! For the well-being and success of the group, it’s imperative that all who apply are truly dedicated to the full six-month experience. Through the application process and initial phone call with Laura, this commitment is one of the primary criteria that will be evaluated. Some of us have a history of wanting to move on when things get tough, and prefer to withdraw from the visibility of a group. We’ve all been there! And this is precisely the power of a mastermind – you will be encouraged to stay, remaining visible and vulnerable, even when you are at a low point. It’s only by sticking with it and working through the hard times, even when your instinct is to run, that you will finally be able to break old habits and find the success you deserve.
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