About Laura

24 years of helping
health & wellness practitioners
find success doing what they love.

About Laura

About Laura

24 years of helping health & wellness practitioners
build their dream businesses and find success
doing what they love.

Learn more about my background and how I can help you
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I joke that my calling in life is helping helpers help – but it’s true! I coach health & wellness professionals on their career and business goals so that they can focus on what they do best: helping their clients thrive.

I’ve always been a “helper” myself. As an accomplished yoga therapist with 22 years of coaching success, I’ve mastered many of the things you’re likely trying to figure out yourself:


  • How to attract the private clients you really want
  • How to build your own brand with successful workshops, retreats, trainings and other offerings that bring in the money
  • How to be recognized as an industry leader
  • How to enjoy your life while building a thriving business
Struggling to grow your income? Lacking a plan to reach your goals?
Exhausted from scattering your efforts? I’d love to help!

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“Laura’s coaching helped propel my yoga career to the next level. She was the inspiration I needed when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and I’m often thinking of her when I’m accomplishing the dreams that she helped me make a reality. If you’re ready for the success that you deserve, Laura can most definitely help you find your way.”

– Alanna Kaivalya, Yoga Teacher and Musician

Alanna Kaivalya

The Professional Goods

Experienced Coach + Successful Yoga Therapist + Savvy Businesswoman
+ Motivating Booty-Kicker

I help people get crystal clear on their goals, create a plan to achieve those goals,
and support them as they accomplish their goals.

Laura Kupperman-about professional

Laura is:


  • An experienced Career & Business Coach who has lovingly nudged thousands of clients forward since 1999
  • A successful Yoga Therapist and founder of Yoga for Survivors® , bringing yoga to cancer survivors world-wide
  • A savvy businesswoman with a background in managing small businesses in Silicon Valley
  • Former Director of Training & Professional Development for a nation-wide education company
  • Well-versed in the areas of career development, career changing, and new business start-ups
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT, with a specialty in yoga for cancer survivors and yoga for fertility enhancement
  • Faculty member of Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, specialist on yoga for cancer and the business of yoga
  • A graduate of Wellesley College, B.A.; Stanford University, M.A.; Coach U., and a zillion yoga training programs
  • Eager to help you share your greatness with the world!



Personal Stuff


I grew up in Glencoe, Illinois, and am fortunate to call Boulder, Colorado my home. The view out my bedroom window is blue skies and mountains and it puts a smile on my face every morning. I believe unequivocally in living life on your own terms. For me that means doing what I love professionally and having time to enjoy life.

I am a hiker, snowboarder, and wannabe mountain biker; lover of Formula 1 car racing, a good pedicure, and all things Ganesha; avid reader, cancer survivor, and compassionate human.

My favorite places are South Africa, Crested Butte, and anywhere on a paddleboard or powder day.

On my bucket list: going to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, teaching my dog agility, learning to cook.

I flat out LOVE coaching other health and wellness professionals on their path
to fulfillment and success doing what they love!

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