Impact, Income, and Growth: Virtual Business Training for Yoga Professionals

Impact, Income, and Growth:
Virtual Business Training for Yoga Professionals

Learn to serve more and earn more in this specialized training.

You’ve spent upwards of $10,000, hundreds of hours, and multiple years on your yoga education. You’re eager to GROW, whether that means getting your first private clients or significantly boosting your income…

Despite all the resources you’ve invested in becoming a yoga professional, you didn’t really learn how to build a successful business. What’s worse, there are so many moving parts:

Teaching classes. Running retreats. Owning or joining a studio.
Online programs. Private sessions. Referrals. Partnerships.
Marketing. Sales funnels. Social media. Writing. Videos. Publicity.

Many yoga professionals end up spinning their wheels because they’re overly focused on individual tactics, rather than considering the bigger picture first. Either they never learned how to create a “big picture,” or their grand vision had an impact and income ceiling they didn’t anticipate.

In other words, you end up working hard – sometimes to exhaustion – without gaining the traction you need in order to feel confident, focused, and successful.

Sound familiar?

First, I want to acknowledge that your mission is to SERVE and SUPPORT, and that being a successful yoga teacher isn’t “all about the money.” 

That said, here’s the truth (and a little tough love):

If you’re not marketing yourself and your services, nobody knows you exist.
And if nobody knows you exist, you can’t help people. Period.

Your business is the mechanism that allows you to make a positive impact.

Marketing is simply a conscious conversation about how you can help solve someone else’s problem, how you can improve their life, and how you can impact their health and wellbeing. When you recognize this, it can actually become FUN, EASY, and feel FULLY ALIGNED!

So how can you market yourself and grow your business in a strategic, fun, and efficient way? How can you reach your goals more quickly?

There’s an essential piece most yoga professionals miss:

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you need a business model that fully supports YOUR unique vision and revenue goals.

Not a generic blueprint… not a mish mash of random tactics and social media posts.

You need to get crystal clear on what you want to offer, who you want to serve, what organizations you want to align yourself with, and how to position yourself so that you attract the perfect clients for YOU.

And that’s exactly why I created
Impact, Income, and Growth.

This virtual business training features video interviews with leading yoga professionals and industry experts, to help you identify new and exciting ways to reach more people and make more money.

You’ll learn everything from how they structured their business and offerings… to how they combined more than one role with yoga … to all the business lessons they wish they knew at the start… to their top tips for taking action NOW!

These videos are packed with wisdom, inspiration, and tangible insights that will help you grow the most ideal yoga business for you, quickly and with much more ease. 

Infinite thanks Laura – I learned something so valuable from every speaker, each talk was an outstanding gem! I’m now in discussion with a local organization for a collaborative training, something I would never have suggested without the ideas and inspiration from the talks. I am much more focused and know what I need to do to move forward, yet my perspective on opportunities has massively opened up. The whole thing – just brilliant! 

Heather Craddock

After spending last week learning from all the wonderful speakers and Laura Kupperman, I am putting into action some of their great advice. I pitched being the regular contributor to “Fitness Friday” for our local t.v. station and it looks like I will be doing this segment every other week. The anchor was so excited about what I am doing that she wants to do a series with me on Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine. You all rock. Thank you!!!

Andrea Beth Trank

Laura, I wanted to share some exciting news with you. One of the take-aways I had from this training was that my main work is more in the mental health aspect of yoga therapy. Soon after I gained this clarity I met a psychoanalyst who was looking for a yoga teacher to partner with. We are currently developing a very powerful hybrid of our work, and are scheduled to present this to approximately 80-100 therapists at a psychoanalytic conference in April. Woo hoo! I would not have done this without the training.

Yael Sunshine

Here’s what you’ll walk away with from this training:

  • Demystify what it takes to have a successful business on your own terms.
  • Gain the insights, inspiration, and insider tips you need to expand your revenue streams.
  • Eliminate the resistance that keeps you from taking action and moving forward.
  • Embrace the possibilities for your business and have FUN crafting a strategy, offerings, and partnerships that feel deeply aligned and exciting to you.
  • Lifetime access to a digital library packed with powerful interviews! Learn how successful business owners created something to help them reach their impact and income goals … as well as how to apply their wisdom and insights to YOUR business.
  • Downloadable PDFs with additional resources… along with our Impact, Income, and Growth Workbook designed to help you get the most out of each and every video training, as well as identify the specific actionable steps you will take next.
  • The ability to access ALL the training materials at any time.  You will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL THE VIDEOS as soon as you register.

You’ll also receive the following bonuses (some extra love, from me to you)!


Creating an Online Course

This, along with BONUS #2, are amongst my most popular webinars. Online courses are a great way to grow your business, and this webinar will give you insider tips and the key areas to focus on in order to start creating your very own knockout course.


Leading Stellar Yoga Retreats

Learn what it takes to host a successful one-day retreat AND longer destination retreats. Perfect for yoga professionals who want to boost their income and build a tighter community.

Laura – this course was one of the most well organized and juicy-full-of-good-stuff courses I’ve ever taken. Your interviews were spot on – you drilled down to get the specifics – asking the questions that many of us were probably asking as we watched. Speakers were high caliber! Also, the worksheet you gave us helped me so much – I’ve never seen a better one in all the courses I’ve taken. Yay!! You are amazing!!

Jennifer Davis

WOW! Thank you so much Laura for the work that you do. Thank you to each of the guest speakers for sharing your personal stories, experiences, and wealth of information. This training has left me feeling uplifted, hopeful, motivated, and with a sense of clarity of next steps. I have new ideas and areas to pursue that I hadn’t even considered previously! Through each of these speakers’ stories, I know that my options are endless.

Kelley Bush

For me this program feels like I was given a Gameboy for Christmas. I wake up in the morning and I just want to continue watching the videos and write down my new ideas!!! Thank you Laura!!!

Mona Villacres

The Impact, Income, and Growth: Virtual Business Training includes training videos from leading yoga professionals who have all built unique and successful business models; PLUS training videos from select industry experts to help you identify authentic, smart, and exciting ways to reach more people.

Our Speakers Include:

Me! Your host Laura Kupperman…

I’ll be guiding you through a brief video on why creating a unique business model is so important to growth, and what to expect from this training, as well as introductory videos to help you get the most out of each interview.


Theresa Conroy

Owning a Brick & Mortar Yoga Therapy Studio


Yael Flusberg

How to be a Successful “Typical Yoga Therapist”


Linda Lang

Creating Your Own Regional Symposium


Michele Lawrence

What it’s Really Like to Create Your Own IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program


Lindsay Marino

Using Your Intuition to Grow Your Business


Lisa Simone Richards

Getting (FREE) Media Exposure for
Your Work


Jo Schaalman

Creating a Wildly Successful Virtual Group Program


Linda Sparrowe

How to Get Yoga Articles and Books Published


Amy Wheeler

Building a Thriving Online Private Clientele


Taylor White Moffitt

How to Wear Two Hats: Building Your Business on Dual Roles


Receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL TRAINING MATERIALS when you register: videos, PDF, and workbook. You have permanent access to these materials and can view them at your convenience.

                                What participants have to say about our speakers:

Linda Sparrowe the depth of your knowledge is amazing. I am in awe. I love books, writing, and writers, and found it fascinating to hear all about the writing business and how that works so beautifully with yoga. I took more notes from this lecture than any other, as there were so many good tips, especially for a beginner wanna be writer such as I hope to be. Thank you so much for being so generous with your experience.

Rebecca Sebastian

Lisa Simone Richards – LOVED IT! Thanks so much Laura Kupperman for having this wonderful woman on the show – a lot of us needed someone like Lisa to come in and give us the insider tips and lay it down in such an effervescent and realistic way!! Almost everything she said was profoundly useful – I was nodding my head so hard I had to watch it twice to get down the key points! This was a lesson in itself on how to speak eloquently, and effectively to make everything relevant. Thanks again, Lisa, for your energy and expertise – really one of the highlights of this week!!

Mary Smiley

Amy Wheeler, you have no idea how refreshing your interview was for me! This past year I ran around like crazy, completely vata imbalanced, driving hours to meet with people to make very little money. I finally stopped doing that but have struggled to figure out how to get clients because I live in a rural community. Now I’m so excited about the possibility of online sessions!

Laura Hogan

Theresa Conroy, I LOVED your interview and got so much out of it!! I need to listen again and take notes! You were so gracious to share so many nuggets of wisdom! I absolutely loved the connecting with more health professionals. The script idea was game changing! Love it all!

Sherry Longbottom

I love the first interview with Lindsay Marino. Great starting point. So many wonderful “aha” moments and already adding to my list of ideas. Thanks for your amazing insight, confirmations and suggestions. Many Blessings.

Christa Eppinghaus

Plus, you’ll also get access to the downloadable Impact, Income, and Growth Workbook!

This workbook is designed to help you get the most out of each and every video training, as well as identify the specific actionable steps you will take next. It’s not enough to just watch the trainings. You’ll be asked to reflect on what you learned, how it can apply to you and your business, and how you’ll begin integrating the lessons into your own action plan for growth.

Are you ready to identify the strategic business model that’s right for you so that you can make a bigger impact? Does your current strategy need fresh inspiration and new ideas?


Impact, Income, and Growth:
Virtual Business Training for Yoga Professionals

$397 VALUE

This program is only available through Laura’s 1-on-1 Coaching Program,
with The Impact Circleor or through one of our partners

You might be thinking, “Laura, I’ve tried other  programs and strategies in the past… how is this different?”

The difference is that I’m not giving you empty blueprints and generic tactics.

I’m taking you behind the scenes of REAL businesses with REAL yoga professionals (just like you!) who’ve created unique business models that are an ideal fit for them… and who have become successful because of their clarity and intention. You’ll also learn how to use your intuition to grow your business and how to get (mostly FREE!) PR to reach more people.

We’ll be looking at a wide variety of potential revenue streams and offerings to inspire YOUR unique vision, as well as giving you the tools and resources to craft your own actionable plan for moving forward. Click here to read more frequently asked questions.

Meet Your Host

Hello Yogis, I’m Laura Kupperman, C-IAYT!

If we’ve never met before, you might be wondering who I am and why you’d want to take this training with me. The short version is that I’ve been a Career and Business Coach since 1999, helping yogis and other wellness professionals launch or grow their business. I’m also a successful Certified Yoga Therapist myself, specializing in yoga for cancer survivors and yoga for fertility enhancement. I’m on the faculty of Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

I have launched many fruitful yoga ventures locally, nationally, and internationally; as well as created online resources for yoga therapists and yoga teachers, such as the popular Yoga Therapy Facebook group; a free webinar series that has served thousands of people from around the world; and a comprehensive online business training for yogis.

Finally, I’m someone who loves to encourage others to dream big and then empower them with the skills they need to achieve their dreams. I want you to know that you CAN do this, you just need the right strategic pieces in place!

Thank you to our sponsor, IAYT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this training for? The training is designed with the yoga professional in mind. However we have had other types of movement and fitness professionals participate because the teachings are equally applicable to their fields. I recommend reviewing the list of guest speakers and topics, and if you can imagine the topic being relevant to your profession then it’s highly likely you would benefit from this training.
  • Where does the training take place? The entire training is virtual so you can participate from wherever you are.
  • How long are the training videos? Each interview lasts roughly 45-60 minutes (some are as short as 30 minutes, some as long as 75 minutes).
  • Can I watch the videos in any order? Yes. As soon as you register you receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL TRAINING MATERIALS. Our recommendation is to allocate a week where you have more free time to this training, so you can fully immerse yourself in all the exciting learnings and new ideas. We suggest watching two videos per day and have a recommended order for viewing them. That being said, you can watch the training videos in any order you’d like, and whenever you’d like!
  • Do the videos expire? Is there a deadline to watch them? The videos, PDFs, and workbook are all downloadable, so you can have permanent access to them on your own device.
  • What’s your refund policy? No refunds are available for this training.
  • Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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