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Impact Circle Agreement

Are you ready to become a member of The Impact Circle?!

This is your opportunity to give and receive support from other like-minded professionals so that we can ALL make a bigger impact in the world, doing what we love.

The Impact Circle is part of (the “Site”) which is owned by Laura Kupperman, LLC (“Laura Kupperman,” “we,” or “us”). The Site is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which are incorporated here by reference. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, you may not participate in The Impact Circle.

In addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all members of The Impact Circle (“Members”) must abide by the following guidelines. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW to make sure that The Impact Circle is right for you.

Impact Circle Guidelines

  • Be engaged. The Impact Circle has limited space in order to encourage community and individual growth. It is expected that Members will actively participate in The Impact Circle.
  • Be kind. We encourage engagement between Members in The Impact Circle Facebook group, and all Members are expected to be polite, respectful, and considerate in their communication.
  • Be responsible. While you may receive advice or input from us or other Members, you are ultimately responsible for your decisions.
  • Be ethical:
    • Do not share, repost, repurpose, or sell Laura Kupperman’s materials in any manner, in part or in whole.
    • Other Members are collaborators, not customers. Do not promote your services to other Members and do not post affiliate links in The Impact Circle Facebook Group.

Important Membership Information

  • What is included in your membership: you receive access to all the resources in the Impact Circle (coaching, content, community) for as long as you are a member in good standing. If you let your membership lapse you will no longer have access to these resources.
  • How billing works: the Impact Circle operates like other subscription services in that you will be automatically billed on your renewal date (either every six months, or annually, depending on your plan). Like a gym membership, our hope is that you will be a member for as long as you want to maintain your “business fitness.”
    • You will receive advance notifications of your renewal via email
    • Your renewal rate will be the same rate that was in effect when you originally enrolled in the Impact Circle. Even if there is a price increase, your rate will be locked in for as long as you maintain continuous membership. If you let your membership lapse, and later want to rejoin, you would pay whatever the new going rate is at that time.
    • No refunds or membership holds are available.
  • What we do: we want to make your experience as positive as possible, and are enthusiastically committed to delivering – and over-delivering – a top quality offering. If you have feedback at any time on how we can improve the Impact Circle, please contact

By clicking “I Agree,” I agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, The Impact Circle Guidelines, and Important Membership Information.

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