Hey Yogi!

I appreciate your interest in my course, Full Lotus, and your commitment to your own ongoing professional development.

The next round of Full Lotus will be happening soon, and you will be the first to know exactly when.

In the mean time, I’ve got two wonderful free resources you should definitely check out:

The Yoga Therapy Facebook Group

A fantastic place to connect with other yoga professionals from around the globe. The primary focus is discussion of specific yoga topics, mutual support, sharing resources, and current yoga research and happenings. You can join here.

Healthy Business and Life Mastermind Facebook Group

A gathering spot for health, wellness, and fitness professionals to support each other in growing our businesses. It’s a good place to ask questions, get tips on social media, ask for feedback on your website, etc. You can join here.

When you request to join these groups we need to know that you are a yoga therapist/teacher, or in a training (for the Yoga Therapy Facebook Group ) OR a wellness professional (for the Healthy Business and Life Mastermind Facebook Group).

**  If it’s not super clear from your Facebook profile that this is the case, please message me on Facebook to let me know and I will approve you.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to staying connected.

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