Yes, You Can Have a Do Over


Do you remember when you were a child, playing a game and taking your turn at something that had a laughably disastrous result?

“DO OVER!” we’d shout, and proceed to take another shot at it, as if the mistake had never happened. Usually there were no objections because everyone got that we all need do overs occasionally. As long as someone didn’t abuse the “do over privilege” it was no big deal. We let it go and quickly moved on.

Oh how the game has changed!

As adults we often cling to misfires and mistakes for days, mentally rehashing a conversation or action that had undesirable consequences.  A small stumble will lodge itself like a fist in the pit of our stomach.

And what about the bigger air balls and face plants that we cling to for years? Or even a lifetime?  The bad relationship, unsatisfying career, or unhealthy habit that somehow becomes normalized to the point where we don’t even realize that a piece of our soul is slowly being siphoned down the drain. We have forgotten that we are entitled to another chance.

I recently had a do over myself, making a pivot in my professional life that felt HUGE, even though it wasn’t. It took me a while to realize that the do over was already happening, and I just needed to acknowledge it and climb onboard.

Sometimes the universe knows we want a do over before we do, and if we don’t pay attention and realign, we will suffer even more.

So this is a call to freedom, my friends – say it loud and say it proud when things go awry: DO OVER!

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What do over are you waiting to claim? No matter how big or small, you always have the option to let go of the face plant, dust yourself off, and start again. Share your do over in the comments below, and know that we are all cheering you on to greatness!

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  1. Susan Fulkerson

    Love the Do Over blog post. In my yoga classes, I often use the phrase, Do Over, especially in balancing postures. We try a pose once, we let it go, and then we do a Do Over, kind of like making your first breakfast pancake! Do Over!

    Susan – yoga teacher

  2. Laura

    Susan I love the pancake analogy (and this is coming from someone who has never made pancakes in her whole life – so I’m sure I’d require many do overs!). If we know something is hard, we are much more likely to give ourselves that “do over” permission, or if someone else tells us it’s okay to do so. But it’s so much more challenging to give ourselves that same permission!

  3. Lynn Crimando

    Ah, the huge career pivot. Been there! We should all be doing more face plants. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have found my real life’s work. Thanks for the great read!

  4. Renee Johnson

    Just imagine what all of our lives would like if we were never afraid to ask for a do over or a new beginning. Limitless.

    • Laura

      Thank you Renee- this is so true!!!!

  5. Stephanie S Willner

    My dear friend Laura. I think of you often and the impact you have had on my life. Yes, the do over theme is so relevant to all of us. It provides an opportunity to be humble and recognize that we are good people, doing good things, but we all have our challenges. There is no there. There is here.

    • laura kupperman

      Steph! Thanks for your very thoughtful comment. I think “there is no there. there is here.” wins the award for most profound thought of the year. Would love to see you soon! xo

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