You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I dedicate today’s post to my favorite F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton of McLaren.

Prior to today’s race in Valencia, Spain, Lewis was in the lead for the driver’s championship.  On the second to last lap of today’s race his car was contacted by Pastor Maldonado’s Williams, causing his vehicle to crash into a wall.  Just like that, his race was over.  Did I mention that THERE WAS ONLY ONE LAP LEFT?!!

To Lewis, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t practice yoga (but he should) (preferably in my class), I offer Patanjali’s sutra 2:48, tato dvandvaanabhighaataH,  ” . . . Therafter one is undisturbed by the dualities.”

Thereafter references asana practice, meaning, that the result of practicing asana is that one is at peace with what is and at peace with what isn’t.  Hot, cold, stiff, flexible, winning the Grand Prix of Europe, or being punted to the wall with one lap left – none of it will ruffle our feathers if we regularly practice asana.

The moral of the story? We never know when we’re going to go from first place in the World Championship to third place, so play it safe and practice yoga.

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