Be Careful What You Wish For . . .


If you’re anything like me – and if you’re reading this post then I’m guessing you are – you will find yourself saying things like “I’m SO busy, but it’s all good!” to anyone who asks how you are.  As in, “No, unfortunately I can’t meet you at Shine for an elixir until the last Thursday in October because I am SO BUSY.  But it’s all good!  How are you doing?”

We are all SO busy – up to our eyeballs in to-do lists, personal and professional commitments, and the myriad opportunities and crises that magically appear when we have exactly zero time or energy to deal with them.  Lately I’ve come to realize the self-inflicted nature of my time crunch challenge: I am so busy doing exactly what I want to be doing.   Yep!  Everything I have dreamed of doing I am doing, right now.  All of those goals and intentions I created for myself?  They are all magically manifesting, and seem intent on doing so for the foreseeable future.  My yoga mat runneth over.

So what exactly is the problem?  I would venture that the problem is timing, that everything is happening at exactly the same time, which is immediately.  Apparently the universe didn’t get my memo that I would like all my projects to arrive in single file so I have plenty of space to organize, plan, implement, and succeed.  But that would be a cop-out.  The real problems are as follows:

  1. I am afraid to press the pause button
  2. I haven’t yet “gotten” that my learning opportunity is not from the projects themselves, but from learning how to gracefully juggle all that life has to offer
  3. I have forgotten how to be joyful and grateful about how frickin’ lucky I am that I get to do all these amazing things with my life
  4. I am afraid that if I don’t try harder, I won’t be making a big enough difference in the world

The real real problem?  I know that life is short.  I want more time and I want to do it all.

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  1. nancy s.

    Here is a thought: Remember what it was like to have summer vacation from school? If you were a kid when I was, (I know, Im old) summer was endless. Each and every day could be an adventure. Waking up in the morning is when you would determine what you felt like doing (or being) that day. There was room to explore, to play, to discover and to just be. In fact, summer was so long that by the time school rolled around, you were (almost) ready to go back.

    In our do all, be all lifestyles today we are missing that ‘summer’ feeling. Yes, life is short and we won’t get it all done. That being the case, why not try to find a little bit of time to just do whatever or just to be? Its such a shame that we cram our leisure into a 2-week vacation (or whatever).

    Easy to say, hard to do. But, my goal since ‘rebooting’ my life by moving back home to Colorado from the insanity of LA is to recapture some summer. I think we could all use it.

  2. laura

    Yes Nancy!!! I want that summer vacation mentality each and every day.

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